Everybody says, "Ohh!"
at Oh! Daiba DECKS Tokyo Beach

Since you came all the way out here, we want you to have good memories of Odaiba. We also hope that you'll think not "I want to go to Odaiba," but instead, "I want to go to DECKS."
"Ohh! at the exciting entertainment..."
"Ohh! at the scenery visible from the wood deck..."
"Ohh! at the lovely shops you happen across..."
"Ohh! at the delicious food and smiling staff..."
Everybody says, "Ohh!" at Oh! Daiba DECKS Tokyo Beach.

What kind of place DECKS Tokyo Beach ?

The appeal of DECKS Tokyo Beach can be summarized in four key words.

The Ship Theme Park

DECKS Tokyo Beach is a ship-themed shopping center.
Starting with the wooden open terrace modeled after the deck of a ship, there are decorations throughout the mall that recall boating themes. Walk along the deck and feel the salty sea wind blowing pleasantly across you as you enjoy shopping and dining in a setting that feels as though you're on a luxurious cruise ship sailing around Tokyo Bay.

  • Seaside Terrace with its expansive tracts of greenery
  • 3F Seaside Deck Take in a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay
  • Wave-themed sofa
  • 6F Restaurant Floor's ocean-themed mural

The best night views in Tokyo: "Odaiba Illumination 'YAKEI'"

DECKS Tokyo Beach features one of Japan's only year-round illumination displays, "Odaiba Illumination 'YAKEI'".
The 20-meter-tall Odaiba Memorial Tree is the largest living tree in Tokyo. This popular magical illumination display, backed by the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower, is the best spot in Tokyo where the Tokyo Bay night skyline can be seen in its entirety.

  • Night View of Tokyo Bay, No. 1 as viewed from the 3F Seaside Deck
  • Night View of Tokyo Bay, No. 2 as viewed from the 3F Seaside Deck

Choice options

Full indoor entertainment facilities

DECKS is full of enough entertainment to enjoy the entire day, including four theme parks (TOKYO JOYPOLIS, Madame Tussauds Tokyo, LEGOLAND DISCOVERY CENTER Tokyo, TOKYO TRICK ART MUSEUM); the ODAIBA TAKOYAKI MUSEUM, a complex of popular takoyaki restaurants from around Japan; and the "retro" Daiba 1-chome Shoutengai, among many other attractions. Enjoy DECKS as a family, a couple, or with friends, as everyone from adults to children can have fun for the entire day.

Enjoy the attractions: Popular theme parks


    Beginning with a completely terrifying indoor coaster running down a rail at ferocious speed, enjoy a huge variety of over 20 different types of attractions! This "digi-real" park combines the "digital" and the "real" for a completely extraordinary experience!

  • Madame Tussauds Tokyo

    Madame Tussauds Tokyo features over 60 life-sized sculptures of Hollywood stars, athletes, musicians, historical figures, and more. Feel free to touch the sculptures and take photographs! Enjoy a fantastic celebrity experience.


    This indoor park is full of attractions fun for the whole family, including a LEGO classroom where you can make themed works of art; the "LEGO® Racers," where you make your own race car; shooting games, a 4D cinema, and a giant LEGO® diorama!


    The TOKYO TRICK ART MUSEUM features five areas to enjoy, including the Edo Area, where you time travel back to Japan's Edo period, and the Trick Art Gallery. Take photos and have fun as a family!


    A gathering of Osakan-certified famous takoyaki restaurants hand-picked from Osaka, the home of takoyaki! Enjoy the savory flavor of octopus (tako) that seeps out from well-cooked takoyaki balls. This is true Osaka soul food!

  • Daiba 1-chome Shoutengai

    Time travel back to 1960s Japan at the nostalgic yet somehow still fresh Daiba 1-chome Shoutengai, replete with cheap sweets, retro goods, Japanese arts & crafts, and classic 1960s-era events!

Find a shop that suits your tastes! Shopping & Gourmet

DECKS Tokyo Beach features around 90 specialty shops and restaurants lined up side by side.
These include popular outdoor, street, a children's' clothing shops, as well many general stores, novelty shops, and shops full of perfect Tokyo or Odaiba souvenirs.
There are many different kinds of restaurants, as well, including cafes and fast food, plus Japanese, Chinese, and Western cuisine. Enjoy meals and popular sweets in these restaurants as you gaze out on Tokyo Bay.

TAX Free shops

Shop name Business type Floor
DOG DEPT+CAFE Dog café & apparel / General SEASIDE MALL 1F
Family Mart Convenience store ISLAND MALL 1F
Matsumoto Kiyoshi Drug store ISLAND MALL 1F
Karl Kani Hip-hop / Casual wear / Golf wear SEASIDE MALL 3F
G-LAND EXTREME Surf casual / Golf wear SEASIDE MALL 3F
PariRu Women's Men's Fashion Goods SEASIDE MALL 3F
JINS Glasses/Sunglasses ISLAND MALL 3F
LAOX Tax-free shop ISLAND MALL 3F
Karakuri Hyakkaten Novelty store / Odaiba souvenirs SEASIDE MALL 4F
WILD-1 Outdoor shop ISLAND MALL 5F

DECKS Instagram

Routinely updated with photos of DECKS events and visitors.

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