Odaiba Illumination "YAKEI"

The Odaiba illumination display lights up brilliantly against the view of Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge at night

"Odaiba Illumination 'YAKEI'" consists of 40 trees running a length of 200m and a height of 20m, plus a participatory outdoor 360°projection system.
The night view of Tokyo Bay includes Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, and the Rainbow Bridge, all together behind the 220,000 lights of the illumination display that garnishes the Odaiba night throughout the year.

Magical moments ILLUSION DOME

In the center of the 3F Seaside Deck is Asia's first 360°projector system, a projector that detects human motion and reflects it in its images that it projects in 360°across the tunnel walls and the floor. The walls of this Illusion Dome detect when visitors are close and instantly reacts, changing colors or animating people's movements. This is an illumination display that visitors participate in to enjoy.

Perfect for commemorative photos of Odaiba Heart-shaped objet d'art

This is a popular spot for commemorative photos, as it is possible to capture the Odaiba Memorial Tree, the night view of Tokyo, and the Rainbow Bridge all in one frame.
Please take a group photo here to remember your visit to Odaiba.

Enveloped in seven colors of light Odaiba Memorial Tree

20 meters tall and 10 meters wide, this is the largest living tree in Tokyo. Surrounding the Memorial Tree are smaller trees running a length of 200 meters, enveloped by 220,000 lights.

Event information

Schedule Throughout the year
[Hours lit up]
Sundown to midnight
* This may change depending on the season.
Location DECKS Tokyo Beach, 3F Seaside Deck

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