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Japanese sundries

Why not make a custom wooden name tag (kifuda) or chopsticks as a gift to someone special or as a souvenir to commemorate your visit to Odaiba?

We make custom-shaped kifuda (wooden tags) and chopsticks customized with your name carved in, made right there on the spot. Our store is one of the few branches where it's possible to pick up your item on the same day you order it. Other than our carved goods, we also offer wood products, tatami coasters made by tatami craftsmen, towels with patterns unique to our store, Japanese-made goods and accessories, Japanese ceramics, festival accessories, and other items that can only be purchased our store. Please stop by and see for yourself!

  • Carved items
  • Odaiba printed towel, exclusive to our store.

Karakuri Hyakkaten

Novelty store / Odaiba souvenirs

Lots of fun goods and Tokyo/Odaiba souvenirs!

In addition to the standard Tokyo souvenirs, we also offer a wide range of souvenirs including original mystery goody bags and knitted birthday dolls (amigurumi) unique to our store. We have realistic food sample magnets; Moai statuette tissue cases; t-shirts, underwear, and socks with funny prints; and keychains with JR station names. You'll also find many unusual products that will leave you confused, wondering what exactly the item is! If you want to find a unique souvenir that stands out from all the rest, be sure to stop by!

  • A wide selection of character-based souvenirs
  • Realistic food sample magnets!

Bakusho Nigaoe Shoten

Caricature shop

Caricatures that express your features in unique ways!!

The "Bakusho Nigaoe Shoutengai," is based around the concept of "time traveling to the good old Showa era." We create hilarious caricatures that aren't offered elsewhere, and also offer original goods and products produced in collaboration with other shops. We only require 5-10 minutes per person to create your caricature, and we can also draw from photos, making these items excellent presents!

  • The Daiba 1-chome Shoutengai Exclusive Background!
  • Matching Goods for Couples♡